When can I apply for funding from ClinSoc?

You are welcome to apply for William Harvey Funding in July (Please stay tuned with the email update). The application form will be sent out by the Treasurer and considered jointly by the President(s), Treasurer and Sports and Societies officer. It will subsequently be revised by the William Harvey Fund manager and confirmed by the Dean and the Regius Professor.

Can a new society seek external sponsorship?

 Yes, you are allowed to seek external sponsorship in addition to the William Harvey Fund.

What is the policy of approving a new society which has a similar scope with an already existing society?

To avoid duplication of financial funding and overlapping information, the Sports and Societies Officer has a duty of care to ensure no new society is established when there is an existing society offering a similar scope. However, the Officer may send further queries to invite the proposed committee to outline concrete plans and actions on how to organise events in addition to the pre-existing work. Please bear in mind that their William Harvey Fund request will be scrutinised by the Treasurer and the President(s) to ensure the efficient allocation of financial resources.

New Society Registration

For you to start a society, here’s what we’d need from you:

  1. Fill in the Society Records form: Update Your Society Records (google.com). This is so that we have the details of your society for our records.
  2. Read through our New Society Handbook (accessed here). This is more relevant if you are intending to register with the University (quite a simple process – the Society Handbook explains) and/or planning on using ‘University of Cambridge’ in your society name (in which case you have to register with the University). You will need certain documents for this process – all detailed in the handbook. The idea is that if you’re using the Uni’s name, you need to be ‘vetted’ by the University. Benefits from registering with the University include, in addition to being able to use the University’s name, access to the Societies Syndicate for funding.
  3. Feel free to email societies@nullclinsoc.co.uk for more info.