Bulletin Submission

All societies can submit entries for the bulletin to secretary@nullclinsoc.co.uk, or through the ClinSoc website (below). To be sure of your entry making it into the bulletin, you should aim to submit them before Sunday of each week. If you want to include your submission in multiple bulletins, please submit a separate form. The decision on the length at which a notice is included remains at the discretion of the Secretary.

In an effort to cut down on the length of the bulletin, we’d like to suggest that you limit the word count of all entries to within 200 words please! (Obviously the more succinct the better to attract attention.)

The bulletin will also advertise events taking place/ with a deadline in the next 2 weeks only, so do try to only send in entries that are within this period as there’s a chance that they may not be included if sent prematurely. Do also specify deadlines clearly for this purpose, including start and end times for events! Quick note to also let you know that events in the bulletin are listed in chronological order for convenience.

Want to post events on the behalf of your society or sports team?

First, check with your committee if anyone already has an editing link. If so, use it to add your event to the calendar.

If not, we’ll set you up with an editing link so you can add events yourself!

Contact webmaster@nullclinsoc.co.uk  from your @cam account with the subject line “Calendar permissions”. Include the following information in your email:

  • Your full name
  • The name of the group whose events you’re organising
  • If your society has its own website and you want to mirror your ClinSoc Calendar events there, let us know in your email.

Get the news out!

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If you’re a member, you can post your event on the ClinSoc Facebook page

If you have a non-event ad or if this is a one-off event submission, feel free to submit to the ClinSoc bulletin.