Clinical Sports Teams

Clinical students are a sporty bunch!

This is a list of all the sports teams affiliated with Clinsoc.


Sharks are the Clinical Schools answer for all your sporting and social needs! Posted at the centre of all sporting pursuits, if there's a sport you're into or would like to try, we can put you in touch with like-minded people—all abilities welcome. Not only that, but Sharks put on some of the biggest events in the Clinical School calendar: nights out after Varsity, socials throughout the year and events such as our annual Consultants vs. Students Cricket Match! We've got a curry night and Sharks' socials planned for intro weeks, so it would be fantastic to get loads of Stage 1s involved.

— the Sharks' committee x


For badminton players of all abilities. Free weekly sessions, plus matches in the inter-collegiate league if you're keen. New members always welcome, racquets and shuttles provided. Come along for some great fun and great exercise! Join our group for latest updates

Jennifer Bellamy


One of the few upsides of losing our massive summer holidays is that it gives us a nice long time to play cricket for the Clinical School. We play in a friendly interdepartmental league with a relaxed standard. The highlight of the season is undoubtedly the prestigious Students vs. Consultants game at the end of the summer with a garden party happening alongside. We have nets starting in the New Year for anyone interested.

Ronak Shah and Omar Ali


Arguably the finest of the Clinical School sporting societies, the Sharks Golf Club offers free range tokens for clinical students at Cambridge Golf Driving Range, as well as a mailing list for those interested in a friendly game or two.



A new look football for both the boys and the girls is gearing up for a mixed season of both casual kick-abouts and the heights of individual Varsity games against Oxford Clinical School. No matter your level of experience, there are some sessions for everyone. See you there!

Aws or Kayleigh


Everyone welcome! Learn from scratch or come and join a winning team (Cuppers Winners 2017). Friendly team and arguably the most fun socials. All sticks and balls provided. This is a really easy sport to start as a beginner and can be joined at any point in the year if you conact the captains/turn up to training and matches Join us on Facebook to keep updated with news of matches etc.

Keerthi Senthil or Manu Srivastava


If you want to have a laugh and get some exercise too on the weekend, join the Clinsoc Mixed Netball team which is proudly in the first division of the college mixed netball league (and will hopefully remain there after this season…)! No previous experience required whatsoever, the focus is more on making sure everyone gets time on court, having strawberry lace races at half time and netball formals! Don’t miss out, everyone is welcome at any time of the year. All rules will be explained at your first training session/match Sign up to the facebook group and email us to join the mailing list.

Keerthi Senthil, Lalana Songra


A friendly rowing club for men and women, rowing mostly at weekends to allow for everyone's busy placement schedules. We have outings in both IVs and VIIIs, and are welcoming current rowers, lapsed rowers, and anyone who fancies trying it! :)

Rachel Anderson


The Clinical School plays rugby matches each year against the Oxford Clinical School and our grudge match against the vets. The standard is not too high and anyone with any experience whatsoever—or indeed none—is more than welcome. Sign up at the Freshers' Fair or get in touch via email.



We organise the Medics & Vets Ski Trip each year around Christmas. The base price is typically about £400 and around 40 people attend. Last year we went to Alpe d'Huez with NUCO, let us know if you have any thoughts on next year's trip!

Ben Kilkelly


Addies squash is for everyone. From beginners up, the ladies organise playing in the college league (no pressure!), and the gents have an active ladder. If you're looking for partners or just the odd social game, then join the mailing list for a no‑commitment squash‑filled email every so often.



Male and female players of all abilities are welcome to come to weekly tennis practice sessions with the clinical school. We play outdoors during the summer and indoors in the winter and try to make the sessions as fun and inclusive as possible! Highlights of the year include the annual varsity match against Oxford medics and College Cuppers in the summer. Hopefully see you at a practice session soon!

(CUCTC is proudly sponsored by MPS and MDU!)



We enter a mixed men's and women's team in college league and cuppers competitions, with matches usually played on a Sunday. All abilities welcome!

Ahmed Maiter


A society set up where people who are keen to go for a casual ride at the weekends can coordinate going together. Hopefully some people will have Garmins and tools etc so gets rid of the barriers of going alone. None of the brutality of getting dropped and midway cake/coffee stops encouraged!

Benjamin Lin