Clinical Societies

Here you will find a list of societies affiliated with Clinsoc.

For more information, click the society names to go to the website (where applicable) or email those listed as contacts.

Cambridge Health Leaders (CHL)

Believe in healthcare? Want it to work better? Leadership and Management are not dirty words. Every doctor in every specialty will be involved during their careers. And we are better equipped to imagine change if we start to as students.

CHL is a new society that aims to improve awareness of leadership and management, and help spread the relevant skills amongst student doctors. It does so by hosting speakers, and assisting fellow students to find projects around the region to get involved in. Anyone is welcome to get involved.

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Cambridge Medicine Journal

We are a student-run medical journal based in Cambridge, founded in 1978. We are a student run journal, bringing cutting-edge, innovative articles to a worldwide audience. We use expert peer review in order to maintain high standards across the journal. We are currently an online-only journal, and we welcome submissions from both students and healthcare professionals. We publish both literature reviews and original research, and encourage students to submit work carried out during student-selected components or short research blocks.

Cambridge RAG

Cambridge RAG (Raising and Giving) are the University fundraising society. We aim to raise money through charity events, sales and bucket collecting. This year we are supporting:

  • Cambridge Rape Crisis
  • Wintercomfort
  • Teenage Cancer Trust
  • Cambridge City Foodbank
  • Dementia UK
  • Medecins Sans Frontières
  • Camfed
  • Save the Children
  • Action Against Hunger
  • Unseen

Cambridge University Friends of MSF

We encourage students to consider working for NGOs involved in healthcare such as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in the future. We aim to raise awareness of MSF, their work in the field and their campaigns. Fundraising is an important feature of Friends of MSF societies and we aim to collect money for MSF's general work and campaigns.

Christine Wong

Cambridge University Global Health Society

Cambridge University Global Health (CUGH) Society is a student-run society with an interest in global health, public health and infectious diseases. There are three main strands of activity that the society is involved with; a seminar series, an elective preparation day and an outreach initiative in the local community.

CUGH aims to provide a stimulating series of seminars that encourages informal debate on a wide range of subjects including:

  • Public Health: e.g. healthcare inequalities, homeless communities, healthcare for asylum seekers
  • Global Diseases: e.g. epidemiology and research surrounding TB, pneumonia, Malaria, HIV
  • Global Health, Humanitarian Aid Policies & Disaster Relief
  • Pathophysiology and clinical cases of infectious diseases
  • Practicing in Developing Countries

Following a talk by Dr. Bastable on Healthcare for the Homeless and her work at the Cambridge Access surgery, CUGH has established a programme whereby students have the opportunity to assist in clinics and health rounds to homeless members of our community.

CUGH organizes an Elective preparation day, providing information in key areas; practical information about travelling abroad, presentations of tropical diseases and nutrition in the developing world, orthopaedic and obstetric practical skills, and emergency scenarios that would be handled differently when resources are limited.

CUGH set up a scheme with the charity MedAid International so students undertaking electives in developing countries can order medical equipment to use during their electives or donate to their host hospital. This has been very popular with students.

The MedEds - Cambridge University Medical Education Society

As we all know, medical education is the foremost aim of the clinical school and, after patient care, of the NHS! The Medical Education Society aims to encourage students to love teaching and perhaps even inspire a career in medical education. We run major programmes such as the ICS and Part II supervision schemes, the Simulation Programme and year 5 exam mocks as well as putting on events around the theory of medical learning and teaching. If you're interested in medical education, or have an idea for a scheme or event that could enhance the student curriculum - please get in touch!

Take a look around our website and sign up for regular emails to see how we can support you with:

University Paediatrics Society

We are a student society run by clinical medical students, with the support of Addenbrooke's senior Paediatricians, to encourage paediatrics as a career amongst the medical student cohort, through volunteering opportunities, teaching seminars and an annual conference

Cambridge University Student Clinical Research Society

CUSCRS is a student-led organisation whose aim is to raise the profile of, and increase accessibility to, academic research. The Society was established in 2009 and awarded a prestigious INSPIRE grant in 2012; funds were matched equally by the University of Cambridge’s Clinical School and CATO, and partially by Athena Swan

As a direct result of these contributions, CUSCRS now provides a programme of events which add a monthly ‘academic focus’ to the Clinical School calendar. These events form part of the Cambridge Academic Apprenticeship; designed to encourage all students to consider an academic career.

The focus begins on the Second Thursday of the month with a Breakfast Journal Club at 8am and a Speciality Insight Evening at 6pm. Activities continue to the following day where eminent Clinical Academics present their research at a lunchtime talk (1pm) during the Academic Frontiers Series on the Second Friday.

In addition to this regular trio, the CAA ensures that all inquisitive students are fully supported in gaining early research experience. CUSCRS hosts monthly Research Skills Portfolio Workshops (Fourth Thursday), providing individual students with a research skillset that enables completion of a wide variety of projects. Additionally, for those students successfully completing a body of work there will be opportunities to: (i) present findings at a dedicated local Research Symposium (held annually), (ii) to compete for Research Prizes and (iii) to secure Travel Funds to enable presentation of data at national/international meetings.

CUSCRS is supported by leading Clinical Academics at the University and to date has hosted lectures by a number of world-renowned speakers; Sir Alec Jeffreys, Sir Bruce Ponder, Professor Sir David Weatherall and Professor Sir Roy Calne to name but a few.

Please see our website or Facebook page for more details.

Cambridge University Surgical Society

The society was set up with the aim of fostering an interest in surgery through engaging practical events, talks from trained surgeons and providing plentiful resources online. Surgery is an exciting place with something for everyone and we’d love to help you make the most out of the opportunities available. For 2017-18, we have many events lined up, including subcuticular suturing, multiple careers events and a Women in Surgery Conference later in the year as well as our annual flagship Basic Surgical Skills event. Whether you’ve already decided that surgery is the career for you, or just want to find out what surgery is all about, we’re sure that you will find something for you at CU SurgSoc.

Cambridge University Wilderness Medicine Society

We run weekend trips away involving pre-hospital remote care teaching and scenarios in the hills. We also organise talks and socials related to expedition and wilderness medicine.

Contact for more information

Cambridge Vascular and Interventional Radiology Society (CamVIRS)

CamVIRS is a new student-run society open to students of any level and Foundation Year doctors with an interest in vascular surgery and/or interventional radiology. Throughout medical school there is minimal exposure to these specialties and so we hope to bridge that gap through CamVIRS.

Through our society we hope to provide members with the chance to:

  • Attend speaker events
  • Attend surgical skills workshops
  • Participate in ongoing research via our research database
  • Gain information about SSC and elective opportunities in these specialties
  • Observe vascular and IR procedures

To find out more about our society and about how you can get involved with CamVIRS please visit our website at

Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine Society

The CGCM society is run by students as a hub for students, staff and alumni associated with the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine (CGCM) and the Affiliated Course across Hughes Hall, Lucy Cavendish and Wolfson Colleges. One of our aims is to increase the presence of the graduate course within the medical school. To do this, we intend to hold events and courses. If you have any ideas, please contact us and we'll see what we can do to help.

Contact the president, Sophie Howarth,

Cambridge Student Community First Responders

Members of the Cambridge Student & Community First Responder Scheme respond to high priority 999 calls in-and-around the Cambridge area in our dedicated response vehicle on behlaf of the East of England Ambulance Service. We provide all the necessary training required for the role, and on account of the scheme's unique operational model, are able to accept applications from both drivers and non-drivers. The scheme aims to make community members, today's medical students and tomorrow's junior doctors better prepared to deal with life-threatening emergencies, whilst also providing a valuble link between the Univsersity and the local community. Our membership consists of student healthcare professionals, qualified heath care professionals, other students and members of the community; so, whatever your background, it’d be great to have you on board.

The Cambridge Undergraduate Simulation Programme

The Cambridge Undergraduate Simulation Programme (CUSP) is a venture that provides regular exposure for clinical undergraduates to simulated clinical scenarios. Through exposure to the simulation we aim to allow participants to not only learn about the diagnosis and management of common clinical problems, but also enable them to develop the non-technical skills required for the management of patients within the clinical world. The programme will be run by Cambridge undergraduates, for Cambridge undergraduates, with direct supervision and guidance from a variety of both junior and senior clinicians. We will aim to do this though the recruitment and training of a core group of student facilitators, who will then deliver peer to near-pear simulation sessions using the validated resources provided by CUSP.

Cambridge University Pre-Hospital Care Programme

CUPHCP runs free monthly academic for a mapped to the Pre-Hospital and Emergency Medicine (PHEM) curriculum set out by the Royal College of Surgery Edinburgh. It is therefore accredited for 1CPD point by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. The society regularly hosts international speakers for highly engaging and interesting talks on a wide range of issues.

Contact or Tara Slade (tacs3) for further information

Cambridge University Anaesthetics Society

We organise events to:

  • Promote anaesthetics and intensive care medicine
  • Improve clinical skills related to anaesthetics
  • link undergraduate physiology to clinical reality

Cambridge university Rheumatology and Immunology society

The Society’s aims shall be to promote the knowledge of, and interest in Rheumatology and Immunology, within the University in general, and the School of Clinical Medicine in particular.

Cambridge University Radiology Society

Welcome to the Cambridge University Radiology Society! All our events will be posted on the Facebook page, so like the page to keep up to date!

Cambridge University Teddy Bear Hospital

At Cambridge University Teddy Bear Hospital, we run regular events for 4-7 year olds. The children bring along their sick teddies and participate in interactive stations to cure their teddies! Our expert ‘Teddy Doctors’, who are volunteer medical students, run the stations to teach the children about topics ranging from healthy eating to surgery and X-rays. The events are really fun and we hope to teach the children about visiting the doctor and healthy living, whilst reducing their anxiety about going to the doctors. They get to dress up as paramedics, put plaster casts on their teddies and even perform teddy surgery! It’s also great fun for the Teddy Doctors and a brilliant way to improve your communication skills with children – perfect for Paediatrics.

Contact for more details

Cambridge University Ophthalmology Society

We organise events to promote ophthalmology as a specialty, support revision for the annual Duke Elder exam and run the Eye Heroes project locally

Magdalene Yin Lin, Ting

Cambridge University Neurological Society

We strive to encourage an interest in neurology and neuroscience, by increasing opportunities for students to get involved and enthused about this fast-moving field. We promote Neurology and Neurosurgery as clinical specialties and areas of research within the University of Cambridge. We do this in a number of ways: through organising talks and workshops, providing online resources and other activities for students. We are also responsible for organising a yearly Cambridge Neurological Society Symposium

Cambridge University Gastroenterology Society

We are CU Gastroenterology society, a society affiliated with Cambridge Clinical School run BY students FOR students, specifically those with a love for all things gastro! This includes upper GI, lower GI and HPB (hepatology we've not forgotten you). We're dedicated to providing clinical students with gastro-related opportunities, from facilitating exchange between students and experts in the field, to running seminars and talks throughout the year to promote gastro/hep as a career and research field. Of course, we're not blind to the looming prospects of the Final MB, so will arrange talks on pharmacology, abdominal imaging/interventional radiology, and other fascinating and somewhat mysterious clinical areas such as liver/multi-visceral transplants and intestinal failure.

Christian Medical Fellowship

We’re a group of Christians that are committed to making Jesus Christ known to friends and colleagues in the Clinical school and beyond. We meet together on a Friday Lunchtime for Bible studies or ethical discussions and also have talks, events and get-togethers throughout the year. We have links with the National CMF, which is a network of medical students and doctors across the country and are excited about getting a group together for the national conference this year.

Feel free to get in touch for more information on Cambridge and National CMF. God bless!

Cambridge University Psychiatry Society

Join us to explore your interests in clinical and academic psychiatry! We run fab events with free food and drink, and we'll keep you updated on prizes, bursaries and conferences.

Sam Pulman

Cambridge University Oncology Society

A student-run society that aims to increase awareness and understanding of cancer and its relevance to daily clinical practice through various talks and seminars, encourage a career in oncology, and to inspire and facilitate involvement in research

Cambridge University Emergency Medicine Society

CUEMS caters for medical students interested in all aspects of emergency medicine through practical events providing hands-on learning of key skills and procedures.

Alexandria Page

Cambridge University Cardiology Society

CU Cardiology Society promotes cardiological knowledge through teaching seminars, guest speakers and conferences to inspire the next generation of cardiologists.

Cambridge University General Practice Society

CU GPsoc aims to inspire the next generation of general practitioners through teaching seminars, guest speakers and career forums.

Cambridge University Endocrinology Society

CUES aims to promote interest in the field of endocrinology through organising various events which cater especially for medical students.

Cambridge University Haematological Society

CUES aims to promote interest in the field of endocrinology through organising various events which cater especially for medical students.

William Harvey Theatrical Society

Founded in 1992, we organise the Annual Addenbrooke's Charity Pantomime for both students and doctors alike to participate in and enjoy. The show raises moeny for the Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT) as well as a second named chatity, which is chosen each year.

We Are Donors Cambridge

We are the Cambridge branch of a national charity that aims to raise awareness about organ donation. We are a student run group who give talks at secondary schools and 6th forms about the importance of organ donation. We also organise events with in the university to raise awareness amongst students. We are keen to hear from anyone who wants to get involved.