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Student Finance

You can still get loans and bursaries from Student Finance. Log in or sign up here.

They can be contacted via Twitter, on Facebook, or by telephone (0300 100 0607).

For more information on contacting Student Finance, click here.

Cambridge Bursary Scheme

You may be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary. Click here for more information or download the flyer for details.


The university's official take on money and student life is here.

CUSU have created a useful webpage with more information about funding for which you may be eligible.

Your college tutor should be able to advice you about other sources of funding, including hardship funds for students in financial straits.

NHS Bursary

Log in or sign up to apply for an NHS Bursary. All Stage 2 and Stage 3 students are eligible.

Clinsoc have put together a helpful document (download), which explains the NHS Bursary application procedure.

The Clinical School have made a short guide to the NHS Bursary, which can be found here.

For a more general take on the Clinical School's persective on the NHS bursary and other funding, click here.

For financial advice from the Clinical School, please contact the Clinical Dean's personal assistant (Sue Eason).