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VisibleBody anatomy atlas

The app includes complete gross anatomy of the male and female (more than 6,000 structures!) and a robust dissection quiz feature ideal for learning anatomy. All the models are in 3D; with an on-screen tap or a click of a mouse, students can move the models to rotate, zoom, dissect, or add anatomy. Students can also select any structure to access encyclopaedic definitions, common disease descriptions, and pronunciations.

Students on the MVST can already download the app version on to their phones, and there is a web player version - both work if the publisher recognises the user is on a Cambridge IP range. Students need to reconnect via a Cambridge IP range every 90 days

Visible Body

Examinations and Investigations Guides

Quick word of warning - these are unofficial guides!

Examination Guides (zip)

Investigations Guides (zip)

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