Cambridge Clinical Student Society is formed of roughly 700 students in their final three years of studying medicine at the University of Cambridge. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact Luke Bibby via 'vp AT clinsoc DOT co DOT uk'.

Our sponsors:

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The Unofficial Guide to Medicine is a unique student publishing group, producing high quality medical textbooks written and reviewed by students/junior doctors and checked for accuracy by experts. The series follows a peer-led publishing model that has been written about in Res Medica: Journal of the Royal Medical Society, and has won awards from distinguished organisations like the BMA, the British Institute of Radiology and the Association for the Study of Medical Education. We have a Facebook group of over 26,000 students who provide feedback at every stage of a book's development, ensuring all of our products are perfectly focused to student needs. The books are now sold in over 55 countries worldwide, and additionally over £8500 has been raised for worthwhile charitable causes, including many run by student volunteers.

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ClinSoc is being sponsored by Synap, a project started by two Leeds medics (who have now graduated).

They have 5,000+ MCQs from the Oxford Handbooks and a modern, easy-to-use website with lots of features.

Many of you are already using it which is great, and we know that last year 1 in 4 med student in the UK revised on Synap. The main reason students are finding it helpful is due to their 'Spaced Learning' technique which improves knowledge retention. According to their research, students improved their scores by ~30% over a 3 month period.

As part of the deal, Synap are giving us ***20% OFF*** their MCQ bundles. On top of this, for each and every person that signs up using the code, ClinSoc get £5 to spend! That means more money towards Grad Ball, Christmas Ball and tea, coffee and milk in the Sherwood - what could be better!

Click on the following link to access your 20% discount - http://mbsy.co/lp7qc

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